About Us

Community Service Day mobilizes hundreds of volunteers of all ages and interests to complete projects throughout Folsom that will have a lasting impact in the community. The effort is organized by the City of Folsom and numerous Folsom corporations, companies and nonprofits. The 2021 Community Service Day will be held on Saturday, September 18.

Our Mission

Folsom’s Community Service Day fosters community stewardship and enhances the quality of life in Folsom by engaging our collective time, talents and resources to unite our community, identify and address community needs, and foster a culture of volunteerism and giving.

Our Vision

Sponsor a single day community service event that engages Folsom’s diverse community members from all walks of life, motivate volunteerism, increase civic pride, and inspire service with future generations. The event is similar to a “community barn-raising” – mobilizing and connecting thousands of passionate volunteers to help with dozens of projects that make a positive, lasting impact in the Folsom community.

Community Service Day Steering Committee Members

Justin Raithel, Symmetry for Health
Christine Brainerd, City of Folsom
Chris Shepard, City of Folsom
Rayna Basa, City of Folsom
Michelle Kasama, City of Folsom
Angela Griffin Ankhelyi, Folsom Cordova Unified School District
Mark Bahouth, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
Anna Ballard, Intel
Terry Carroll, Style Media Group
YK Chalamcherla, Arts & Cultural Commission
Brad Franklin, Lakeside Church
Steve Miklos, Bentley Mortgage & Real Estate
Lori Easterwood, Folsom Public Library
Lorraine Poggione, Folsom Parks & Rec
Cindy Spradlin, Folsom Parks & Rec

Ted Ocampo, Folsom Parks & Rec
Marilyn Robitaille, Folsom Parks & Rec
Joe Gagliardi, Folsom Chamber of Commerce
Greg Kiefer, Kiefer Consulting
Cyndi Kirch, Dignity Health
Klare Benson, Dignity Health
Amanda Merz, Safe Credit Union
Anthony Retodo, M.D., Kaiser Permanente
Tom Severn, Powerhouse Ministries
Carl Siegler, Folsom Prison
Bill Sullivan, Folsom Telegraph
Buena Tan, Kaiser Permanente
Lisa Tuter, Twin Lakes Food Bank
Brian Wallace, Folsom Parks & Rec
Christie Watrous, Folsom Rotary
Shannin Stein, Habitat for Humanity of Greater Sacramento